Born in the sunshine state of Florida, Stephanie D. Sanders began to come into her own after years of downplaying her talents and trying to start her life over in a different direction.

Upon moving from the Hollywood scene she pushed her talents down, burying them. She felt like if she wasn’t in L.A. it wasn’t meant for her to pursue her dreams in entertainment. Little did she know God was resurrecting her career and positioning her to be right where she was supposed to be.

The Mission

The mission for everything I do is to inspire, empower and love God's people. I want to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves while blessing others along this journey we call life. I need the people to know that every day they wake up is another opportunity to use their God-given talents.

The Message

Age is just a number. The color of our skin is just a color. As Robert Schuler has said, "Never Let A Problem Become Your Excuse To Quit." Be determined to be all that God has called you to be.

When you represent God, you must bring EXCELLENCE. He doesn't half step on us, so when we are blessed to use our gifts it should be nothing less than your very best. Step out on faith and let us see what you've got because the world is waiting for you what you have to give.

The Ministry

To introduce God to people through every aspect of my life (knowing that it's not perfect but I strive to be and do the best I can for him) as an example for Christ.
To empower God's people to use the gift of One More Day as if it where your last day. Encouraging them to ask themselves what would you do with that day and would you use the gifts he has given to you, not just for yourself but to bless someone else as well.  
To use every talent God has given me to the best of my abilities while being a positive, productive, reinforcement for the Kingdom of God. So, no matter what I do I always want to be a representation for him. 
So, yes you can be an actress, yes you can be a singer, yes can own a business. Allow God to work through you and your gifts, and your business...

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